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For AFT Pharmaceuticals (AFT), sustainability means aligning their goals with the interests of society. They believe that by acting sustainably they contribute positively towards the development of the world.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a set of global initiatives set up by the United Nations for everyone to contribute to. For AFT, the SDGs are a way to see which areas of sustainability they're directly contributing to and how their

community initiatives relate to a larger vision for positive change. AFT’s Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) framework remains under development and will continue to be progressed over time.

Sustainable initiatives:

AFT Pharmaceuticals (AFT) has been committed to sustainability for many years and contributes to a number of the 17 SDG’s identified by the United Nations. Examples of their sustainable initiatives include:

Social sustainability

  • community - making medicines available for rare diseases, designated with orphan status under the US Food and Drug Administration
  • community - work with government agencies to make specific medicines available to under-privileged groups
  • community - donate medicines to under-privileged groups, such as patients in the Pacific Islands

  • marketplace - innovating new delivery methods for improved delivery of medication, ie the development of the NasoSURF
  • marketplace - developing products that we genuinely believe will improve the health of our end customers
  • marketplace - re-purposing existing approved pharmaceuticals to minimise risk to user of our products
  • marketplace - 29 AFT products on the World Health Organisation Model list of essential medicines
  • marketplace - products distributed for use in hospitals, prescription and general medicines
  • marketplace - products range from juvenile- to aged-specific

  • workplace - 61% of staff are female with 40% of senior executives female, and
  • workplace - 22 cultures represented amongst the staff of 88.

Environmental sustainability

  • working with suppliers (within regulatory guidelines) to reduce packaging or use eco-packaging, wherever possible while preserving the integrity of the product, and
  • donating product to charity organisations that would otherwise be wasted.

Governing sustainability

  • partnerships - all of our critical product suppliers have been risk assessed
  • partnerships - 20 or so partnerships in Pharmaceuticals
  • economic - significant reduction in operating losses, and
  • economic - 16% growth in operating revenues.

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