ANZ Bank

ANZ know that their actions have the potential to significantly impact the wellbeing of staff, customers, communities and the environment.

Each year they set goals and establish work programmes around priority issues for their industry, customers, employees and the community. These include providing responsible products and services for their customers, creating a diverse and inclusive workforce, and improving financial knowledge and capability in our communities.

Sustainability ranking

ANZ's sustainability ranking
ANZ's sustainability ranking

Sustainable initiatives

Examples of ANZ's sustainable initiatives include:

Social sustainability

  • community - Nearly 500,000 people reached through their financial education programme "MoneyMinded"
  • community - ANZ staff have volunteered over 110,000 hours helping local NZ communities
  • community - $131m in community investment, and
  • workplace - Group-wide, 41.5% of board members are women.

Environmental sustainability

  • ANZ group has facilitated more than $6.9b in low carbon investments and sustainable solutions, such as green buildings, renewable energy, energy efficiency, water, waste, and transportation, since 1 October 2015, and
  • ‍20% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

Governing sustainability

  • ‍over 60,000 customers reached through cyber security education channels.

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