Sustainable initiative

Examples of Burst Coin's sustainable initiatives include:

Environmental sustainability

  • burst is hundreds of times more energy efficient than most cryptocurrencies due to their Proof-of-Capacity consensus protocol.

Governing sustainability

  • thousands of miners around the world are securing the network day and night using military-grade cryptography
  • burst is ruled by its network of users and cannot be altered by governments or financial institutions
  • each tangle is arbitrarily scalable: every new user improves the transactional capacity of the network
  • lightning-fast transactions are received in your wallet and validated before you even have the time to check, and
  • on-tangle transactions are completely free of fees, effectively allowing micro-transactions and saving you money.

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Align your investments with your values

With more transparency, you can now align your values with the values of the companies you’re invested in.

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