Sustainable initiative

Examples of Burst Coin's (BURST) sustainable initiatives include:

Environmental sustainability

  • Burst uses minimal computational resources beyond that required for initial setup. It can be mined using something as small as a Raspberry Pi, and
  • it is estimated that a Burst transaction uses one 400th of the energy required to process a bitcoin transaction due to their Proof-of-Capacity consensus protocol.

Governing sustainability

  • because there is no need to buy expensive specialized hardware, Burst is and will remain accessible to anyone who owns a personal computer. No matter how well funded an individual or organization, they cannot use expensive equipment to gain advantage over regular miners using regular computer equipment
  • Burst was released with advance public notice, without pre-mine, without airdrops, and without an ICO. All Burst in existence today has been mined beginning with the genesis block using the PoC algorithm.
  • Burst uses an algorithm that is ASIC-proof. With no possibility for ASICs to replace regular everyday hardware as a minimum barrier to feasible entry, continued decentralization is assured
  • thousands of miners around the world are securing the network day and night using military-grade cryptography
  • burst is ruled by its network of users and cannot be altered by governments or financial institutions
  • each tangle is arbitrarily scalable: every new user improves the transactional capacity of the network
  • lightning-fast transactions are received in your wallet and validated before you even have the time to check, and
  • on-tangle transactions are completely free of fees, effectively allowing micro-transactions and saving you money.

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