Sustainable initiatives

Examples of Chorus' (CNU) sustainable initiatives include:

Social sustainability

  • community - backing the roll-out of CO.STARTERS to help create a strong support network for business start-ups, into five towns and cities
  • community - contributing to a Gig-Start Fund, for Dunedin entrepreneurs and innovators to deliver new fibre-based services
  • community - donating $75,000 to the Manaiakalani Education Trust to help expand their digital training model for low income households Māori and Pasifika students
  • community - sponsoring residential gigabit broadband services in Dunedin at entry level wholesale prices through to December 2018
  • community - sponsoring the Health & Science category of the 2017 New Zealand Innovators Awards
  • marketplace - work closely with Civil Defence organisations to keep communities connected when their network is affected by extreme events
  • workplace - a Total Recorded Injury Frequency Rate (TRIFR) was halved last year to 2.62, down from 5.77, and
  • workplace - employee engagement was also down to 81%, from 83% on the previous year.

Environmental sustainability

  • in FY17 Chorus' emissions were 23 kilotonnes of carbon dioxide equivalents, down 11% from FY16; 87% due to network electricity consumption and their field service vehicle fleet 
  • 85% of electricity from the national grid was sourced from renewable energy, and
  • no significant environmental incidents were recorded.

Governing sustainability

  • regular external reviews aim to mitigate network disruption and cybersecurity risks by ensuring security governance through policies, processes, and registers to ensure that cybersecurity risks are contemplated and addressed through technology selection, delivery practices, and ongoing operations of IT systems
  • met with more than 50 local councils to discuss our deployment plans and identify opportunities to reduce disruption to communities through infrastructure sharing and coordinated work programmes, and
  • they interact closely with councils and community groups to discuss our network plans and initiatives.

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