Commonwealth Bank of Australia's sustainability

While the Commonwealth Bank of Australia's sustainability ranking is above their industry peers, they're heavily involved in controversies currently being examined by the Banking Royal Commission.

Sustainability ranking

CBA's sustainability ranking
CBA's sustainability ranking

Sustainable initiatives

Examples of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia's (CBA) sustainable initiatives include:

Social sustainability

  • community - 574,246 students enrolled in Start Smart, our financial education program for youth
  • community - $1.2m in-kind volunteering by employees
  • community - $272m community investment
  • community - $16m investment in education

  • marketplace - $1.6m cybersecurity partnership with University of NSW
  • marketplace - 168,218 calls to indigenous Customer Assistance line
  • marketplace - $2.8b lending to renewable energy projects
  • marketplace - $1.5m spent with indigenous suppliers
  • marketplace - $1b climate bonds arranged

  • workplace - 2,768 employees have been trained on responsible lending, investing and procurement
  • workplace - 44% female representation in Manager and above roles, and
  • workplace - $900,000 to enhance the skills of financial counsellors.

Environmental sustainability

  • 204,317 tonnes co2 across the group, up from 164,111 on the previous year
  • 1,270 tonnes of waste to landfill, down from 1,407 on the previous year, and
  • 171,477kL water used, up from 114,608 on the previous year.

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