Contact Energy

Sustainable initiatives

Examples of Contact Energy's (CEN) sustainable initiatives include:

Social sustainability

  • community - $364,144 invested in local communities
  • community - over 5,000 people attended a community open day at Clyde power station
  • community - 1,796 hours spent by employees volunteering in the community
  • marketplace - customer advocacy (Net Promoter Score) up to +14 from - 3
  • marketplace - new website, digital experience launched and AA Smartfuel customer rewards introduced
  • workplace - safety performance improved, with 10 people hurt, 7 of which were strains or sprains, and
  • workplace - female representation overall decreased by 1% and female leaders decreased by 5%. They had 98% pay equity ratio between males and females within salary bands. However, female participation on the Board increased to 50% and Maori representation increased to 40%.

Environmental sustainability

  • 14,000 native trees planted across their sites (not quite enough to suck up all their co2 emissions but it's a start)
  • electricity generated from renewable resources to 80% (down from 82% in their last financial year)
  • co2 emissions increased 2.7% on the previous year, to 1,142,447t, but down 53% since 2012, and
  • 25% of their fleet are electric vehicles.

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