This cryptocurrency’s website claims that the EverGreen coin draws from its ancestor, the Bitcoin, and provides a more energy-efficient platform for cryptocurrency transfers. Using the proof-of-stake concept, an EverGreen coin guarantees a 7% annual return on the cryptocurrency’s value.

EverGreenCoin is organized into 'branches'. Each branch focuses on its area of expertise while coordinating with the other branches and sharing resources to work towards EverGreenCoin's goals.

The EverGreenCoin Foundation Inc., a registered 501c3 public charity, is the base of all EverGreenCoin initiatives, operations, coordination, and funding now and in the future. The EverGreenCoin Foundation, much like the trunk of a tree, supplies its branches with resources and coordinates growth.

New branches may emerge whenever there is sufficient community involvement to organize a new area of focus. When a new branch is formed, it has all the resources of the existing branches and the Foundation to help it grow and thus becoming a resource for the pre-existing branches, including the Foundation.

The end-goal being a network of like-minded people, each focused on areas they are most knowledgeable and passionate about, becoming a towering organization of environmental efforts and success.

Find out more about EverGreenCoin's sustainability here.

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