Fisher & Paykel Healthcare

Sustainable initiatives

Examples of FPH's sustainable initiatives include:

Social sustainability

  • marketplace - use of Airvo therapy enabled 56% of patients to stay in wards, rather than spend a total of 479 days in ICUs

Environmental sustainability

  • their appliance recycling operation enables them to save around 25,000 appliances from landfill each year and re-use the of bulk materials
  • production paint shops which inefficiently painted large empty white boxes with high solvent wet paint have been eliminated
  • their new refrigerator compressor is up to 35% more energy efficient than conventional compressors 
  • their component to circuit board assembly process has eliminated the use of CFC's in cleaning
  • all packaging received by our factories is either reused or recycled
  • all factories operate online manufacturing to minimise waste, and
  • reduced co2 emissions by almost 32,000 kg by printing green.

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