The value of GENERcoin (GEC) is represented by the deliverable energy it is backed by, which can be more stable than debt assets which may be devalued due to inflation.

GENERcoin is backed by the energy outputs purchased from renewable energy generating facilities, such as Arterran Renewables, that are then sold to wholesale distributors, and end users. These assets may be claims in the form of standardized Power Purchase Agreements for delivery from energy generating facilities like Arterran Renewables.

GENERcoin is modeled from this concept and is backed by the deliverable renewable green energy assets provided by  Arterran Renewables NextGen Solid Biofuel. Each GENERcoin, built upon the Mastercoin Master Protocol, is a claim, a receipt, for the energy backing each coin which may be redeemed, traded or exchanged according to the holders wish.

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