Mercury Energy

Examples of Mercury's sustainable initiatives include:

Social sustainability

  • community - major sponsor of Coastguard Lake Taupo
  • community - they've donated $100,000 to ten charities nominated by their own staff
  • marketplace - 62% customers are 'highly satisfied'
  • marketplace - Mercury customers raised $10m to give to Starship
  • workplace - TFIFR down from 1.05 to 0.86, with no high severity incidents recorded, and
  • workplace - female employees increased from 41.5% from 38% and within leadership from 2.5% to 30%.

Environmental sustainability

  • $60k saved by Panama Road School with the installation of solar panels
  • $400,000 funds ecological enhancement projects 
  • over 2,000 solar customers
  • 54% of their fleet are EVs, and
  • sponsor 3,000 e-bikes.

Find out more about Mercury Energy here.

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