NAB Bank

National Australia Bank's sustainability ranking may be impacted with their negligence around 2,300 home loans.

Sustainability ranking

NAB Bank's sustainability ranking
NAB Bank's sustainability ranking

Sustainable initiatives

Examples of National Australia Bank's (NAB) sustainable initiatives include:

Social sustainability

  • community - BNZ sponsored 10 business bank customers to lift their capability through leadership and professional development programs at The Icehouse
  • community - their Business Tips online portal offers tools, tips, guides and resources to help people improve the finances of their business
  • community - BNZ's  Scam Savvy training initiative delivered 19 sessions to a range of groups, including two as part of ‘Closed for Good’
  • community - $36m community investment in Australia; $8.1m community investment in New Zealand
  • community - 16,000+ volunteer days by employees

  • marketplace - 15 complaints relating to privacy
  • marketplace - 2,417 Financial Ombudsman complaints
  • marketplace - of 225,011 complaints received, 42% of complaints were resolved at first point of contact (Australia)
  • marketplace - despite 215 ‘Customer Pain Points’ addressed, they were -13 from Australian priority segments Net Promoter Score
  • marketplace - NAB Group’s lending exposure to major tobacco companies equates to less than 0.008% of exposure at default (EAD) as at 30 September 2017

  • marketplace - decreased exposure to gas, coal and mixed fuel electricity generation sources by 10% (to 42%), but increased exposure by $1b (to $5.2b) on the previous year
  • marketplace - increased exposure to mining, oil and gas to $12.5b (up from $10.5b in the previous year)
  • marketplace - issued $2.2b in green, social, sustainability and social impact bonds last year
  • marketplace - increased exposure to SRI funds by $8.2m to $152,219m
  • marketplace - $525,000 spent with indigenous Australian businesses
  • marketplace - $13.42b environmental financing target progress

  • workplace - their code of conduct Whistleblower program received 87 disclosures under the Whistleblower Protection Policy
  • workplace - all employees offered mandatory information security training as part of the 1.4m hours of training completed
  • workplace - NAB signed up as a major partner of Australia’s largest regional LGBTI event, Chillout Festival.
  • workplace - 4,116 days lost due to Australian work-related stress (New Zealand's was not recorded)
  • workplace - 25% female non-executive directors; 33% gender diversity at Board level
  • workplace - 100+ recruited through inclusive employment programmes, and
  • workplace - 1,613 Code of Conduct breaches (Australia).

Environmental sustainability

  • 185,898 tonnes co2 gross greenhouse carbon emissions (down 15% on previous year) - the biggest contributor being Australian building energy use
  • 58.2% of NAB's electricity generation portfolio (measured as exposure at default) finances renewable energy generation
  • +$2.2b in green, social, sustainability or social benefit bonds issued or arranged during the year
  • 6,561 MW of installed renewable energy supported by project finance
  • 1,345 kW of installed solar capacity across 38 of our buildings
  • waste to landfill increased 19% on the previous year
  • materials recycled down 27% on the previous year, and
  • 400,655kL water used.

Governing sustainability

  • improved disclosure as measured through ESG assessments conducted by external third parties and stakeholder feedback
  • 100% of new and re-contracted suppliers in high ESG risk sensitive sectors have undergone an ESG risk assessment
  • disclosure of relevant policies and principles (e.g. human rights, political donations, ESG risk, supplier sustainability)
  • publication of the Tax Transparency Report for the year ended 30 September 2016
  • 90% material suppliers compliant with Group Supplier Sustainability Principles, and
  • disclosure of conduct breaches and relevant outcomes.

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