Restaurant Brands

Sustainable initiatives

Examples of Restaurant Brand's sustainable initiatives include:

Social sustainability

  • community - Carl’s Jr. donates 10 cents from every ‘Super Star with Cheese’ burger to the Graham Dingle Youth Mentoring Foundation, and contributed over $15,000 to the STARS programme
  • community - $1 donated from every KFC Surf Safe bucket sold in October and November along with in-store collections, raised close to $160,000 for Surf Lifesaving New Zealand
  • workplace - lost time from workplace incidents per million hours worked was 4 in 2017, down from 23 in 2016, and
  • workplace - 56% of their workforce, including senior management, are female (up 2% on previous year).

Environmental sustainability

  • environment - all Pizza Hut boxes are made from 100% recycled fibre and are 100% recyclable and KFC’s recyclable packaging is sourced from sustainable timber, and
  • marketplace - 100% of their cooking oil is recycled: 20% is used in the manufacture of Transpacific bio-diesel and green fuels and 80% is exported to make soap.

Governing sustainability

  • marketplace - 90% of their ingredients are sourced locally.

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