Sustainability ranking

Telstra's sustainbility ranking
Telstra's sustainbility ranking

Sustainable initiatives

Examples of Telstra's (TLS) sustainable initiatives include:

Social sustainability

  • community - employees can apply for up to $1 million in grants each year to fund the little things that make a big difference to kids’ lives. Since 2002, Telstra Kids has contributed more than $9.8 million to some 8,000 projects that connect kids to their local community
  • community - provided free calling from Telstra mobiles to Lifeline, SES, Family Drug Support, Mensline Australia, beyondblue and Suicide Call Back Service
  • community - provide unmetered access to a website with around 350,000 support services for the 80% of homeless people who have a smartphone
  • community - $1.4m was donated to 350 charities as the Telstra Foundation matched employee charitable donations, dollar for dollar
  • community - created employment opportunities for +600 people through their Supported and Indigenous Workforce programs
  • community - launched Cloud Calculator to enable businesses to estimate carbon savings when switching to the cloud
  • community - helped launch PROJECT ROCKIT Online, a youth-designed digital classroom to tackle cyber-bullying
  • community - Access to Everyone programme provided around 760,000 pensioners discounts worth $69m
  • community - reached 63,000 people through their digital literacy programme
  • community - launched the Australian Digital Inclusion Index, and
  • community - launched Telstra Smart Home.

  • marketplace - every mobile handset they sold in FY17 was certified by the manufacturer as compliant with the mandatory ACMA Radio Communications (Electromagnetic Radiation – Human Exposure) Standard 2014
  • marketplace - received an average of 3.1 first stage complaints per 10,000 subscribers, compared to 2.1 in FY16
  • marketplace - purchased $1.1m of goods and services from Indigenous suppliers, and
  • marketplace - 30% intra-Asian data traffic carried on their submarine cables.

  • workplace - an average of $1,817 per full-time equivalent employee (not contractors) was spent on learning and development
  • workplace - 32% female representation across the business and 44% non-executive Directors on the Board
  • workplace - ensure gifts, bribes and hospitality are not given or accepted in inapropriate circumstances
  • workplace - 99% employees and contractors completed mandatory annual compliance training
  • workplace - total recordable injury frequency rate was up to 8.1 from 7.5 on the previous year, and
  • workplace - 100% completion of enterprise-wide values-based conduct training.

Environmental sustainability

  • use DocuSign since 2015 with 30,000 customers and saved almost 3m pages being printed (11 tonnes of wood fibre and 600 kiloliters of water)
  • invested $5 million in energy reduction projects that delivered a collective saving 17,345 t CO2e and more than 18,000 MWh of electricity, and
  • collected 19.9 tonnies of mobile phones and accessories and 4,353 tonnes of e-waste, with a recycling rate of 99.9%.

Governing sustainability

  • ‍have a cyber security framework promoting continous investment in security capability and mandatory training and drills for all staff and contractors
  • ethical dealings are expected as outlined in their Supplier Code of Conduct
  • developed an Adaptation Framework to manage climate change risks, and
  • launched Electronics Reuse and Recycling Strategy.

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