Tourism Holdings Limited

Sustainable initiatives

Examples of Tourism Holdings Limited's (THL) sustainable initiatives include:

Social sustainability

  • marketplace - drive safe questionnaire available in five languages, and
  • marketplace - 'keep left' stickers in all cars.

Environmental sustainability

  • installed telematics provides data about Kiwi Experience drivers on their braking, excessive speeding, hard cornering, acceleration. Drivers have to achieve an average score of 0 by driving more efficiently.
  • undertaken an annual review of their routes, using the most effective pick up points to be fuel efficient and save kilometres travelled
  • provided customers with reusable tote bags, coffee cups and water bottles to reduce waste
  • recycling on buses and in the office
  • went paperless in their processes, and
  • 6,329 tonnes of co2 emissions.

Governing sustainability

  • governance - a formal Board Charter covers their governance, ethics, appointment of Directors and Director independence. It also includes a Code of Ethics, Audit & Risk Committee Charter, Remuneration & Nomination Committee Charter and a Market Disclosure Policy
  • governance - established a Health and Safety Steering community and employed Health and Safety specialists, and
  • governance - their sustainability pillars guide their procurement of suppliers.

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