At Trustpower they believe that sustainability means building a long term business through relationships with all who they interact with.

Sustainable initiatives

Examples of Trustpower's (TPW) sustainable initiatives include:

Social sustainability

  • community - 131 organisations and individuals sponsored through the Lend A Hand Foundation
  • community - 65 high school students recognised via Trustpower's Youth Spirit Awards

  • marketplace - introduced Solar Buddies allows people with solar panels to sell or gift their excess electricity to family, friends, organisations or charities
  • marketplace - launched an app and a chatbot to enable customer to source information more easily

  • workplace - while 55% all staff were women, only 43%, 25% and 14% were females at Manager, Officer and Board levels respectively
  • workplace - lost time injuries up to 12, from 8 on the previous year, and injury incident rate up one to 7.8
  • workplace - unscheduled absenteeism was up to 3.4 (from 2.9 in the previous year), and
  • workplace - staff turnover down 6% to 10% in 2018.

Environmental sustainability

  • 7 resource consent breaches, down from 15 on the previous year.

Governing sustainability

  • governance - progress in documenting their Safety Management System including their approach to risk identification, assurance and safety culture.

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