Launched in 2004, WePower’s co-founder Nikolaj Martyniuk said the platform was conceived to find solutions which could bridge the gap between existing energy systems and digital technologies.

The WePower platform provides a streamlined and flexible renewable energy project fundraising solution, which saves time, effort and delivers higher returns to the renewable energy generation facility developers.

WePower enables people to purchase renewable energy at below-market prices directly from manufacturers by using Ethereum-based contract tokens. It enables producers to raise capital from cryptocurrency investors by issuing their own Ethereum-based tokens.

WePower's Smart Energy Contracts are digital self-settling power purchase contracts. These contracts represent the amount of energy that a powerplant is planning to produce in the future and how that energy is distributed between the investors. These contracts are tradable and can also be liquidated into the local energy wholesale market. This is achieved by linking digital contracts with power grid data on blockchain.

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