Launched in 2004, WePower’s (WPR) co-founder Nikolaj Martyniuk said the platform was conceived to find solutions which could bridge the gap between existing energy systems and digital technologies.

WePower’s platform is a one-stop-shop solution that provides your company with tools to help you understand your electricity consumption patterns, find a best fit renewable electricity producer, contract with them digitally and then monitor generators as they are built and start generating electricity.

Their standardised and easily accessible process allows smaller companies with lower electricity needs to be automatically aggregated with larger companies and/or between themselves. This process creates a broader and more inclusive market where risks and opportunities are shared and in turn better managed.

Direct transactions with renewable electricity producers are enabled through a financial mechanism called a power purchase agreement or PPA. This solution allows companies to hedge electricity prices so they can ensure a stable cost base on the company’s balance sheet.

WePower’s proprietary blockchain-based Smart Energy Token solution enables direct trade of power purchase agreements between platform users. This provides a level of flexibility and trust that no other energy products have been able to provide.

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