Z Energy

Sustainable initiatives

Examples of Z Energy's (ZEL) sustainable initiatives include:

Social sustainability

  • community - 820 groups selected to participate at Z service stations all received a share of the $1 million in funding given away during the Good in the Hood voting month in May
  • community - contributed $16,000 to Plunket via sales of bottled water
  • marketplace - launched Fastlane which enables their customers to drive in, fuel up, and drive off without onsite payment
  • marketplace - invested $250,000 in Mevo, a Wellington-based start-up that offers car sharing, using EVs
  • marketplace - introduced healthy food and drink options
  • workplace - Z’s Mini-Tanker cabs have retina-scanning technology that monitors a driver’s alertness and fatigue levels, and
  • workplace - decreased lost time injury frequency from 1.2 to 0.7.

Environmental sustainability

  • they held a discount day in July, where, for every litre of fuel sold, six cents went to Trees That Count, who planted 25,000 native trees
  • total waste increased from 6,275 tonnes to 6,544 tonnes. 2,142 tones was sent to landfill (increased from 1,698)
  • emissions increased over 1m tonnes due mostly to their supply chain and their customers' product emissions, and
  • stopped offering plastic bags to customers.

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