Align your investments with your values.

It’s easier to relax when you know your investments aren't harming anyone, or anything.

finappster makes it easy for you to understand how socially responsible your investments are and saves you time by calculating your investment returns for you.

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+$1 trillion already in responsible investments

Responsible investing in New Zealand is now valued at $188b represents 72% of all professionally managed assets (valued at $261b). While in Australia responsible investing is valued significantly higher at $980b, it only represents 44% of all professionally managed assets (valued at $2.24t).
* Responsible Investment Association of Australasia

Responsible investing strategies

In  New Zealand the assets under management using ESG integration and negative screening strategies grew $4b last year. Excitingly, strategies using positive screening, sustainability-themed investments, and impact and community investing grew $1.1b. Read our RIAA conference blog to find out more about these strategies.*

Return on your investments

In New Zealand, responsibly invested international share funds outperformed the Morningstar average mainstream international share fund, and responsibly managed multi-sector funds outperformed mainstream multi-sector growth fund average, over the one, three, five and ten years periods.*

Value-aligned investments

In New Zealand controversial weapons, tobacco, gambling and adult content were the major focuses for exclusions in 2018. Over the same period in Australia investments that excluded fossil fuels or human rights violations were in greater demand than controversial weapons and tobacco.*

Get the best of both worlds

We don’t believe you should have to monitor the performance of your investments across multiple apps or spend your evenings and weekends researching how ethical your investments actually are.

finappster saves you time by doing all this for you.

Save time

Get more transparency

Stay on top of your investments' performance and understand how ethical your investments are.

Managed funds

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Retirement savings

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Imagine turning sustainability from a chore into a game. From a "should have" into a "want to" into a "got to" into a "get to". 

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