finappster assures you of the positive impacts that your investments are supporting.

Assuring you of the positive impacts your investments are helping to create.

Keen to find out about the companies that you're invested in, who are having a positive environmental or social impact?

Now you can.

finappster makes it easy for you to monitor the socially responsible activities of companies that you're invested in.

Ask your investment provider to get finappster for you.

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Ease of reference

We align with the United Nation's (UN's) 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Know what you're invested in

Find out more about the sustainability achievements of the companies you're invested in.

Easy to understand

We make it so easy for you to understand you can "WOW" for family and friends with your investment knowledge.

Value-aligned investments

Whichever values you prioritise you'll see which companies align with these and how your investments are supporting them.

Investing in people, planet and prosperity

Find out what each means.

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Imagine the same tools and techniques, that made you addicted to social media, being used to facilitate greater transparency in an instant, easy to understand way; to make sustainable micro-action easy and fulfilling.

Imagine turning sustainability from a chore into a game. From a "should have" into a "want to" into a "got to" into a "get to". 

Well that's our vision, and we've taken the first steps to achieving that.

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