Given the state of climate change and our future world, the necessity to become more sustainable has never had so much importance. But when it comes to sustainability, you may feel it's too difficult to change. That it's either too hard to take action or that you, as one person, can make no difference.

But this apathy is the reason that the late Stephen Hawking said "given our current rate of consumption the earth can only sustain us for another hundred years".

To make matters worse, studies are already showing that we have the capacity to live to 120 years of age. And if you were born today, you may live to 150 years of age. Given our increasing ability to live for longer, if we don't change now we could see the end of civilisation within our lifetime.

The main issue with sustainability is that the perception is that it is too big for any one action by you to solve. Yet I believe that I’ve found one small yet critical piece of the puzzle. It’s the lack of clarity of impact that's the problem. And this problem is stopping you from doing the right thing.

But what if you could? What if, rather than adversely impacting the world with your very human desires for convenience, ease and speed, you used these very desires as a positive force for transformation.

Mobile technology has provided the most powerful tool for convenient, easy and fast behavioural change that's ever been invented. You just haven't fully used it as a force for good - yet.

Well that's about to change.

Founder and CEO, Leeanna Kohn-Hardy, wanted to easily understand, of the companies she was invested in, the activities they were undertaking to support the United Nation's (UN's) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and how they were tracking against their targets.

After much painstaking research, a multitude of spreadsheets and numerous conversations with investors and asset managers alike, Leeanna's taken the plunge.

Imagine the same tools and techniques, that made you addicted to social media, being used to facilitate greater transparency in an instant, easy to understand way; to make sustainable micro-action easy and fulfilling.

Imagine turning sustainability from a chore into a game. From a "should have" into a "want to" into a "got to" into a "get to".

Well that's our vision, and we've already taken the first concrete steps towards its achievement.

We're building the world's first online platform that will provide targeted messaging about the positive impacts of investee companies to enable sustainability-conscious asset managers to send personalised and engaging reporting and communications to their wealth clients and retail investors.

We're doing this by understanding the environmental, social and governance activities of listed companies around the world and aligning these to the targets defined by the United Nation's (UN's) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

We will save the world not through government, not through corporates but by the power of one - by voting with your money and investing in companies and funds who "do good". And through a lack of investment we'll force the other companies and funds to "do better".

Because when you get involved, you'll talk to your family and friends about the good that you're supporting, and be able to easily explain the positive impacts that it's creating. And if all of you start with one action, this ‘copy and paste’ of single sustainable actions around the world will make a change.

And we believe that our platform has an important part to play in that happening.

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