How do I connect my crypto wallet?

finappster enables you to link your Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin wallets. Let us know, by emailing us at if there are other types of coins you'd like to monitor so we know which ones to add next.

Once you've logged in, click on "Connect" at the top of the page, and:

  1. select "Crypto Wallet"
  2. select "Add more"
  3. you can either copy and paste the delivery address of your crypto wallet, or click on the QR code symbol to open the reader and scan your wallet address
  4. choose from the drop down menu which cryptocurrency you're linking to
  5. you can also put your own reference, wallet and exchange in there if you want to, but it's not required, and
  6. once you "Connect to my address" your wallet will appear with that currency in it.

If your wallet holds another cryptocurrency you'll need to connect it again, specifying the additional coin name, in order to pull the correct price data through.

You can either "Add more" or go to your dashboard to see it.