How do I setup 2-Factor Authentication?

It's quick and simple to set-up 2-Factor Authentication (2FA):

  1. once you're logged into finappster, you'll see your name in the top right-hand corner
  2. click on your name to access your profile page. In the third box down you'll be able to enable / update your 2FA settings

Setting up 2FA for the first time:

  1. once you've enabled 2FA in finappster, your authenticator app will generate a random code whenever you log into finappster, and
  2. you'll receive a 6-digit code in you authenticator app which you'll need to enter into the 2FA field in finappster to complete your log in.

NB - there's generally a little countdown timer next to your code, which tells you how long the code will last for before it expires. If you haven't been able to use it in that time it will automatically generate another one for you to use. Each code can only be used once.