Why isn't the return % showing?

You wallet didn't provide to us the date you purchased your crypto.

If you'd like to see your return in percentage figures, here's what to do:

  1. in your Cryptocurrency dashboard, go to the one you'd like to see a percentage return for
  2. click on "View Full Breakdown"
  3. in the pop-up window, click on "Edit Investment"
  4. if you'd like to note the exchange you used and the name of your wallet, you can, but it's not required, and
  5. use the calendar to select the date your purchased them.

Once we can identify your date of purchase, we can pull the original purchase to calculate your Net Return on Investment (ROI) and actual Gain or Loss amount.

If you know what fees you paid to purchase these, you can also add them in, to make your ROI and Gain or Loss amounts more accurate.