Help us change the world

November 27, 2020

Help us fulfill our vision that initially makes sustainable investing easy for everyone, and ultimately will change human behaviour by making the impact of all our little actions visible and measurable. 

We've got big aspirations and this is a rare opportunity for you to come on-board and put your personal stamp on finappster and help create a more sustainable world.


What’s required?­­

You'll take ownership of all things technical, as well as all the other fun start­-up stuff.


You’ll be able to use your skills as an effective collaborator and clear communicator with a growth mindset and 'can-do' attitude to take finappster’s development to the next level using: Python, Django, Javascript, React, Postgres, Heroku, Firebase and AWS.

Ideally you'll also have had previous experience in start-ups and be familiar with lean / agile methodologies and some UI / UX best practice.


How can you apply?


Email your interest and CV to

Assurance that investments can be aligned with values.