See how all your investments are performing, whenever, wherever.

It’s easier to relax when you know how all your investments are performing.

finappster saves you time by collating all your investments in one place and automatically calculating their returns.

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Assurance that investments can be aligned with values.

When you're ready, not when you're able to

Gone are the days of logging into multiple apps or waiting until you get home to update your spreadsheet. See how all your investments are performing, and make an informed decision whenever, wherever.

Automatically calculates your returns for you

No more downloading your investment data, putting them into your spreadsheet and checking your myriad of excel formulas are still correct. See the performance of all your investments, by asset class or by individual asset, instantly.

Track all your investments in one place

If you bought shares through different brokers and you have crypto wallets galore, you see how all your investments are performing here, easily.

Personalised and secure

Two-step verification and a password provide you secure access to your own dashboard of investments.

Track all your investment returns in real-time

We don’t believe you should have to become an excel guru or spend all your spare time monitoring the performance of all your investments.

Our portfolio tracker helps you calculate all your investment returns instantly.

Get returns in real-time

Investing in people, planet and prosperity

Find out what each means.

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Managed funds

See New Zealand and Australian managed funds.

Retirement savings

Monitor your retirement savings.


Keep an eye on the price of your own property, or your investment property.


Savings, term deposits, crowd-funding - you can check them here.


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I had many things to focus on at Uni - my papers, my casual job as a croupier at Sky City, my social life. But there are only so many hours in a day and I was constantly thinking about how I could make my money work better for me. Then one day I saw an ad from Hanover Finance for a six month Term Deposit with a 11.5% interest rate. That was really high! I checked the interest rate on my savings account. It was less than half that amount. I called Hanover to see if it was a typo, but no it was real. I transferred my meager savings into that Term Deposit that day. That’s how I got into investing.

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